Monday, May 15, 2006

We're Back!

We drove back last Thursday. Man, did it suck. First there was a ton of traffic all the way from Bmore to past Hagerstown (it usually thins out around Frederick) and then the torrential rains started and then once I finally got through all of that the poor babe decided to be miserable. I ended up giving her a wee touch of Benadryl so we could make it home. It calmed her down within 5 minutes and I made it from then on without stopping. All together I think I stopped about 9 times. For comparison, when it was just JCC or just me, I would stop 1 time. I had thought about going down to NC to see my Grandma but I just don't think I can do another drive by myself until she's older. Bummer.

When I got home I found my garden had exploded. Little man and I planted the plants we bought at the PA nursery and from my mother on Saturday in between the rain storms. I bought 2 coral bells (one a gold, the other a very patterned maroon), 3 lavenders to replace ones that have died, cilantro, chamomile, basil, rosemary, another herb, 2 limelight Artemisias for my big pots, a red poppy (which I have horrible luck with, I don't know why I'm trying again), and a gaura (this is take two on this one too). All for under $30. From my mother I got a very early daylilly, some of a Heavy Metal grass, more blood grass, tarragon, geum, and turtle heads. I haven't had a chance to get any pictures rain free but I will definitely be taking some as soon as it stops. I have a bleeding heart (old fashioned) that's around 6 feet across. Everything looks enormous. It's wonderful, but the weeds are doing just as well.

Tonight I wound up the rest of the 100purewool for my sweater along with the silk and a skein of worsted merino I bought from Morehouse. I've been busy knitting on a snake scarf for JCC in a rusty variegated sport weight yarn. The Morehouse yarn is interesting -- it looks like a single ply with the fluffiness of the Merino. Wound it also looks bigger than it is, e.g. the 2-ply (sport) looks like a worsted until you knit with it and the 3-ply (worsted) looks like a bulky weight. Pics coming soon!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. I got a variety of gifts (new headphones, a pink/orange shirt & hoodie set and a potential ipod) but my favorite is a new pair of Birks! My old ones (two pairs -- purple suede and black leather, both Arizonas) need a complete overhaul. I've had them 15 and 13 years and I have worn them to pieces (literally). The new ones are with thinner straps and have a blue/green print to them. I didn't even know I wanted a new pair but I love them! The gifting was just a small part of a fun day. We went to lunch at Tommmy's (local veg restaurant), hit the Children's Museum and had coffee. Thanks Chris -- it was a pretty perfect day. :)

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Chris said...

You deserve more of those days. Get the 60 gigger and be done with it!