Saturday, April 19, 2008

It is Done!

Woohoo -- my clapotis is finally finished! It was really only 3 months of work but after a very long hiatus for my aching arm back in the summer/fall. One thing I should have thought of is that if you're knitting in pain you will be knitting much tighter than usual. Unfortunately I didn't notice this until the end, but a little light blocking makes it unnoticeable.

I ended up with only about 4 yards or so left over. I had ripped back the decreases one time already, so this was cutting it awfully close but I do love the end result. It's about 14 inches wide by 65 inches long. I've mostly worn it as a scarf but I have a concert to attend on Wednesday (Feist) and I think I'm going to try wearing it more as a stole over a plain black top. All other project details are here.

This is the Honeycomb Hat from Clara Parkes's The Knitter's Book of Yarn. The yarn is a bulky wool I bought back at the '06 MD Sheep & Wool festival. The colors are my favorite and while I didn't enjoy knitting with it (hard on the hands) I like the finished product. I ended up using the reverse of the honeycomb pattern as I like the painterly effect with the hand-dyed yarn.

I'm slowly, slowly working my way through my festival acquisitions of 2006. Both of the above projects are from yarn bought that spring/summer as well as the mitten/scarf set I made last month. I'm thinking I may crank out a vest for the little boy out of some wool/mohair I also bought that spring. I am trying really hard not to order any linen to make the Aleita Shell as I won't be able to wear it for quite sometime. My belly is getting quite huge.

Small people with their spring haircuts!