Friday, October 28, 2005

Super Duper Fuzzy Feet

It's not the fuzzyfeet pattern from Knitty, but they sure look fuzzy. These are the LTK felted moc pattern (they're the ones pictured for Every Ones) and it's a great pattern. They are a little deep for me, but that's easy enough to fix. I made these out of my absolutely favorite yarn, Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride in Sapphire. It's the mohair that made them so wooly, I think I'll at least give the soles a trim. I'm planning on making these as holiday gifts so this was the test pair. I also made a pair for the little man, and are going to do two more childrens pairs before my next felting run. Here's what JCC's look like freshly knit:

On a non-knitting note, the little boy has had a runny nose the last couple of days and it's not been fun. While he doesn't want to go out he does want to bounce around and destroy the house. I am going a wee-bit stir-crazy. Hopefully the Halloween festivities will cheer me up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What's Next?

I had told myself that I wasn't going to start anything new until I finished Branching Out and the Evil Sweater, but I can't seem to abide that. Instead, I am going to start a pair of felted mocs to see if I want to knit a bunch for holiday gifts. I will need to order yarn (KnitPics!) and don't really want to order a bunch if I'm not going to like making them. I'm also going to make another wee sweater for a friend's new babe. Baby Cashew is going to be lucky to end up with anything! ;)

One thing I noticed looking at the blog photos is that in the first pic you can see my one boo boo with the Clapotis -- can you see it??? It's the color change up from the corner. I didn't alternate rows (well I did after that) and it made a pretty prominent demarcation line. Luckily it's not that obvious in person.

Clapotis is finished!

Man, I just loved making this thing. I had a minor panic attack last night when I thought I was going to be about 10 yards short of finishing, but I found a wee ball of yarn and was able to complete it. It's big but it will work as a wrap under my cape. It's super soft and warm. Now to make another!

All spread out:


The full view to appreciate how freaking big it is:

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blame it on baseball

It being my lack of posting. I love to watch baseball and after the bastard Cleveland Indian organization decided to sell out to cable, I'm forced to get my fix during October.

And oh, it's perfect for knitting. I'm almost finished with my Malabrigo (the blue) Clapotis. It's huge, it could double as a blanket but I love it! I'm hoping to wear it under my cape for some extra warmth. I love this pattern and will probably make a few more -- it's both interesting enough to not be mind numbing and easy enough that I don't have to keep counts or look at the chart. Genius!

I also am 3/4 of the way done with a sleeve for the evil sweater. This was my first real intarsia project and I can see why people don't like it. This was ok with only 2 colors but I can't imagine having to deal with much more -- too much weaving in!

Pictures coming soon (probably after the series finishes.)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

How to make a 34 year old man happy -- buy a ball winder

My lovely husband spent the better part of his evening winding yarn for me. (The kitties were thrilled!) We have at least half of the dyed yarn wound into balls. I guess this makes us a slightly obsessive family.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Shall I Order a kit?

After seeing Allison's post I really want to get the Morehouse shawl kit. It's gorgeous -- there are some colorways I love (all of the ones with blue), but I really want something to go with the cape/coat thingee I got to wear this winter. (And yes, I know it's expensive but we were in Toronto and basking in our only vacation for the next few years.) So anyway, does anyone think the Parliament colorway will go with this coat?

This is made out of that ball of Joann's yarn pictured below. This took 24 hours from start to finish. The first one I made last January (first non-scarf project) took over 2 weeks! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

How to make a 3 year old happy -- buy a ball winder!  Posted by Picasa

Yay! A finished Christmas gift. This is a bag for my niece. I like it a lot -- I wonder if I could trade her. ;) Posted by Picasa

I freaking love this yarn. Yes, I know it's from Joann's (which is at least a local Ohio business) but it still rocks. It's a wool/nylon/cotton blend and it is super soft. It works up very easily and is just great for baby stuff. I am currently making another wee sweater and it looks great. Posted by Picasa

For those that want to see, the newly painted sunroom (just awaiting some moulding.) Posted by Picasa

The new light fixture over the dining room table. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Toronto is wonderful!

We spent 2 nights in Toronto and absolutely loved it! It is the nicest city either of us has ever visited. (And while this isn't much coming from me, Chris has been all over the world.) It was very clean, very environmentally conscious, pedestrian friendly, child friendly and just beautiful. I envy all of you that live there.

We saw Dead Can Dance in a really crappy hall with really crappy seats (poor Chris's knees were smooshed against the wee seat in front of him) but the music was wonderful. Lisa sounded very much like you'd expect but Brendan sounded even more wonderful than on the cds. He's put on a bit of weight so maybe that explains it (thinking opera singer mechanics here) but whatever the reason his voice was rich, lush and vivid and made us forget how squished we were.

I'm almost finished with my bag for my niece. I am doing the damn i-cord for a drawstring and I freaking hate doing i-cord. It is so utterly boring. I'm trying to convince myself to go ahead and cast on something new but I'm not sure what. I know I need to get cracking on some felted mocs but I really have to pay attention to the pattern and that's not appealing right now.