Saturday, May 06, 2006

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Man, was it packed. I read that it was busy, but I had no idea that it was this busy. My mother was in shock at the number of people that turned out to see a bunch of sheep and yarn. It was about 45 minutes from when we got off of I-70 until we were parked. It was quite a hike into the festival grounds and we were glad we hit the food stand when we did as we had a *short* 15 minute line. We were both glad that JCC chose to stay with his grandfather (boating, fishing and airplane visiting ensued) as it was packed and there wasn't much of interest to little ones beyond the livestock. Wee girl was in the sling (and was ogled) and we were fine going through the displays but you would not be able to get a stroller through there. It was truly packed. Luckily it was perfect weather -- 75 and sunny.

I did pretty ok shopping wise -- a skein of silk (200 yds), and another of merino (500 yds) at one place and then I hit the Morehouse Farm stall. I Love their style -- simple designs with beautiful soft yarn and I managed to escape the stall for just under $100. I got a signed copy of the book, a snake scarf kit for JCC, a shawl kit for me (in a colorway that will match my camel hair cape) and one skein of heavy worsted merino that I just loved. I saw tons more gorgeous stuff but I am happy with what I bought, especially considering my trunk full of yarn at home.

The rest of the Baltimore visit has been nice!

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