Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Munchkin!

Wee Boy was born at home on Wednesday, August 20th at 7:03am after 3.5 hours of labor. He looks a lot like JCC but with slightly wider spaced eyes.

Being weighed -- 7lbs, 14oz

6 days later

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blessingway Pics and One Monkey

I can see why people love to make Monkeys! These are super quick to knit and a lot of fun. I thought these were oh so pretty until I asked Chris his opinion and I could tell by the look on his face that he thought they were pretty much the ugliest socks ever. Oh well, not everyone can appreciate very loud striped lace socks. The mate to this one is on hold as I'm working on a vest for the Little Man as my Olympics project.

These three pics are from a Mother's Blessing that my friends threw for me on Saturday. It was lovely and I came out feeling very loved and strong. (I only had to wear the wreath for the pic.)

As I'm sure you can guess, no babe yet. Due date is tomorrow. I'm ready!

Monday, August 04, 2008

New Camera!

My parents gave me some money as a birthday present and I bought myself a lovely new camera. I love it! I was expecting just a little point and shoot for the price, but it also has great SLR settings and video capabilities that I wasn't expecting and it's very easy to navigate the menus. I had been using the first digital camera we bought before the Little Man's birth and it is too large to just carry around in my bag and so I just wasn't getting as many photos as I would like. So to make up for lost time. . .

Dress-up Time

Very Pregnant Mama and Little Girl

Curly Locks

More Dress-up

In knitting land, I had picked up the new Cat Bordhi book and during our Baltimore vacation I made the two little sampler socks that will be for the wee babe. Definitely a fun book and hopefully the little one will get to use them.

Little Sky Socks

Little Coriolis Socks

The June Sock Club offering from Little Turtle Knits. This stuff is exquisite! It actually seems way too nice for socks. Theresa always has great stuff but I think she may have the best sock club around -- each offering includes yarn, a new pattern and something additional. This time it was handmade note cards. If I didn't have a ton of sock yarn from last year's Scout's Swag I'd sign up for a monthly order.

My best belly shot


This summer has been the summer of swimming (the city pool is only a mile away so even my very pregnant self could manage to get us there 4 days a week) and the Little Man has made amazing progress. He went from refusing to get his ears wet to being able to swim! Yesterday he spent close to three hours swimming away at his cousins. He does somersaults under the water, opens his eyes, etc. It's been very cool to watch his progress. His other new interest is playing Chess. Chris and I are both very much amateurs and he's going to surpass us quickly if we don't learn some new moves. I have the chess book by my desk and intend to learn some more today.

We have one more week until the babe's estimated arrival (Little Girl was 9 days late so I won't be holding my breath) and we're ready! All the supplies are assembled (another homebirth), the cloth diapers are washed, and the wee clothes folded.