Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Still in Bmore

We were supposed to come home this evening but have decided to stay another day. Little Man is currently outside planting flowers with Mommom and is planning on doing some fishing later. Wee Girl is crashed out. She learned how to roll-over this past weekend and is now doing it with skill. As is the usual for when I leave Baltimore, I am going to have to de-caffinate myself when I return. We basically drink coffee all morning and then have some water in the afternoon and then switch to Sangria in the evening. It's a good life. :)

This is a pic my aunt took when we visited her on Monday. Too cute. My aunt has requested pics of our house so I'll do a virtual tour when we get back home. Our house is the polar opposite of hers. My mother deems our style minimalistic and that would seem to be a good definition with an added emphasis on strong colors. I guess my aunt's is country antique. It's gorgeous -- she's the artsy type so everything looks put together -- but there's a lot of stuff and not a lot of bright colors. Think shades of old paper.

Above mentioned aunt has requested a pair of felted slippers so I will be putting them on the list (I need to make Chris and I new pairs too as we wore through ours -- I'm going to buy soles for the next ones.) While down here I cranked out a sun hat intened for ACC but it did not shrink as the pattern said it should (and of course I didn't actually knit a swatch and wash it) so JCC now has what he calls a fishing hat. I'll post pics if I find the card reader to get the pics off my mother's camera.

And here's a pic of the three of us:

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Vegan Knitting said...

So nice to see a pic of you with the little ones!

You are so sweet!