Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm Feeling Strangely Domestic

I feel a bit like a 50s housewife today -- I made some cloth napkins, picked apart a chicken carcass to make chicken salad and organized my cookbooks. Most of this is inspired by my mother's visit -- she bought fabric and made us some table cloths and matching napkins. Our table has not held up well to the rigors of small children and looks vastly improved with its bright covers.

I do own a sewing machine (bought many years ago in a fit of who knows what) but had never broke it out of its box. Before I put it away again I figured I had better sew up the remaining fabric or it would languish un-cut until I purged my craft supplies. They don't look great (corners are blah) but they are usable. I would like to make a few more things -- pillows for our bed, curtains for the kids' room and hopefully this will inspire me.

In baby news, ACC is one month old today! The month flew by -- and she slept through most of it. She is such a different child than the little boy. I have spent a considerable portion of his 3.5 years trying to get him to sleep and with her I spend time trying to keep her awake. Let hope she continues her low needs status, it frees up time for the high needs one.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Day in the Life of A 3.5 Year Old Boy

Today was the first day for the munchkins and me to be by ourselves. My mother left for Baltimore yesterday after a two week visit. :( I was rather scared but we had an abnormally good day.

JCC has recently figured out how to play navigate around the internet to his favorite sites (I set him up his own user profile with a list of his links) and he now enjoys doing that for a part of the day. As a homeschooler, I felt some initial guilt over this but have then resolved myself that as the spawn of two computer geeks it's in his destiny. Anyway, this is what his day looked like today:

Make Tinker Toy Airplane

Play Online

underwear "Mask"

The kid is too funny.

And now some knitting pics:

My stash

1 skein of each colorway I ordered from a 100purewool co-op. Gorgeous stuff.

2 soakers and a wet bag.

Part of the sweater I'm making for little man

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Before and After

Before the Haircut

and After (ignore demon kitty Emma in the background)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Random Things

Baby Cashew will be three weeks old tomorrow. My mom is in town and that's been a tremendous relief. Just having someone to talk to other than a more demanding than normal three year old is a big help. I'm just starting to get back to doing a wee bit of knitting in the evening after Little Man goes to bed. I'm making another pair of felted mocs (sigh) for my father-in-law. My mother-in-law loves hers and FIL requested his own. No big deal, but I'm using stash yarn leftovers and I think I'm going to be a couple of rows short. DAMN IT. That drives me nuts.

Next I want to make something for my midwife -- maybe a scarf. I intend on using more stash yarn for this. So I'm not sure if the colors will be what she'd normally wear, but hopefully she'll enjoy it. After that I want to tackle Anouk as it's so damn cute. Hopefully by then my mondo order of Uruguayan yarn will be in (another co-op, but not Malabrigo this time) and I'll get started on a sweater for me, random baby things and a hat/scarf set for Chris.

While I was busy obsessing over my late baby, I missed posting about my one year of knitting! I taught myself (via online videos) over MLK weekend last year on a trip to Baltimore. What a great year it's been -- knitting provides me with so much! Relief from the monotony of being a SAHM, something to obsess over and dream about, tactile stimulation, new friends, etc. It's great -- everyone should knit. :)