Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Busy but Uneventful Week

JCC amazed me by not even mentioning Cyberchase this week. He's still watching a lot of videos -- both ones we own and ones from the library but all of the fussing about missing a show or when does Cyberchase come on is gone. Next week we will work on decreasing the video amount. I keep us all pretty busy with playdates and errands so I'm not sure how to fill the need of his to just sit and veg. He doesn't play well by himself at all. Maybe it's time to learn to read?

I bounce back and forth in my homeschooling idea, not doing it vs. not doing it, but in how much structure is ideal for my children and me. I don't know about wee girl, but JCC and I both seem to do best with a pretty well laid out plan. The Classical mode appeals to me greatly (e.g. St. John's aspirations) and I am really enjoying The Well Trained Mind copy I borrowed from the library. However I don't know if I'm ready to start playing school yet.

On the knitting front I am still plugging along on my sweater and JCC's snake scarf. I also got the Debbie Stoller Crochet book and I love the patterns! Now I need to save up my Joann coupons to get some crochet hooks.

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Chris said...

Why don't you try some and see how he takes to it. You have mentioned how well her performs in the student/teacher setting. Let him drive the level and amount.