Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finally Some Pictures

I disconnected our tv's rabbit ears yesterday -- this means that we can watch movies, but no broadcast television. So far things are not too bad but the fallout will come tomorrow when JCC figures out that this means no Cyberchase -- his favorite PBS show. I am bracing for the reaction.

Half of JCC's snake scarf. I just love Morehouse yarn!

Wee house and gardens.

Newly expanded bed along privet hedge.

Giant bleeding heart that is taking over my bed.


Jenn said...

Beautiful house and gardens!

My 4 and 3 year old LOVE Cyberchase. They talk about Hacker all the time :-)

I have 2 giant bleeding hearts. Do you ever trim yours? Mine are getting so big that the lower branches are starting to fall....

Melinda said...

Thank you! I am thinking about trimming it back or maybe just moving it. Mine die back as soon as it gets hot, but I don't think the stuff underneath is going to get much of a chance to grow before that happens.