Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Robin Hood

Ravely links:

Dude, knitting with worsted weight yarn is so much more rewarding right now. I whipped up a scarf and mitten combo for a trade with a fellow homeschooler mama for a Robin Hood Costume. As the Little Man and I do not do well with candy, there is no standard Easter basket. Instead the Eoaster Bunny arranges a treasure hunt of sorts for the children. This year Miss A got a tea set, Little Man the costume and they both got modeling beeswax to share. Candy would be ever so much cheaper and easier. Oh well.

She did a great job on the costume! The hat is adorable and has a bright red feather on the side.

Chris's parents bought the children some new clothes (the kids picked them all out) and the Little Man has been walking around as a cross between his Pepaw (my father) and a member of the Young Republicans ever since.