Friday, May 26, 2006

Garden Pics and Lots of Parenthetical Comments

These are some of the annuals (Shasta daisy, some other daisy JCC picked out and salvia -- man, do I love that orange/lilac color combination) amongst the monster rhododendron. There is some sort of disease (my gardening knowledgeable FIL says it's a fungus) getting rhodes and azaleas (and I've lost half of what I've planted to it, branch by branch) but these old guys seem immune. I bonsaied him a couple of years ago and he's bigger than ever.

This is the ugly half-dead Silver Maple on our tree-lawn (interestingly [at least to me] tree-lawn is an idiom only used in NE Ohio. There is a great Harvard study on colloquialisms. This is the best link I can find.) Anyway, in our wee city (the Cleveland metropolitan area is divided into many baby bureaucracies that suck the life out of you via heavy taxation) the forestry division is responsible for anything on your tree-lawn. After reading this I happily called up and scheduled Mr. Tree an appointment. They will be taking him down in the next couple of weeks. We are also ENTITLED (in caps just because I find it such an interesting thing in which to be entitled -- I guess this is those tax dollars at work) to a new tree if we so desire. I was thinking I wouldn't want any stinking tree they would have for free but a neighbor just told me that her neighbor got a Serviceberry.

Mom, please note how nice the formerly peach house in the background looks in its new sage colored paint.

Chris's lovely edging work on the back bed.


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Sourire11 said...

your yard looks nice - great rhododendron!

and welecome to knit ohio!