Friday, September 30, 2005

Off to Toronto

Chris and I are off to Toronto in the morning (without child.) We're going to see Dead Can Dance. I can't wait! Small child will be staying with his grandparents and is not looking forward to it. He loves his Papa and Grandma very much but is anxious about this for some reason. Keeping this in mind, I only booked us a room for one night but we will hopefully get to stay for two.

In knitting world, I am about a third of the way done a bag for my youngest niece. I have done nothing more than cast on and knit a few rows on the Evil Sweater's sleeves. I am in debate about what to do about my Malabrigo. When I purchased it I was not pregnant and planned to make a sweater out of it. I must have been feeling pretty thin at the time too because I didn't get a lot of either color. So now, what to make?

I have cast on for a sweater only to frog it as I didn't like the way it looked (it's really and truly not a bulky weight) at the necessary gauge and then found a pattern for a cape I thought I liked (thinking I could wear it even while pregnant) but I've now decided that it's not big enough to cover any of my belly in a Cleveland winter. Maybe I could make a mini-Clapotis out of it. Chris (who loves the color and feel of the yarn) is petitioning for a new hat but I am reluctant to use one skein of a 6 skein purchase on a hat.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Boogie Vest is Finished!

I'm not sure what I think of it, but here's what Madeline thinks:If nothing else, it's a comfy cat bed.

Here's the finished view:

My concerns: even though it meets the posted measurements it seems big; it's heavy; it's too boxy. I don't know. . .

Mom, bring a white blouse when you come out next month and you can see if you like it. I might need to make you the next size down and keep this one for myself. (Chris told me it's not too attractive with my big pregnant belly but that it should look fine on you.)

I did learn two new things on this project which made it fun. Cables without a cable needle and a single crochet finish to the armholes. I also did a much better job seaming this one than my normal. Still not perfect, but definitely better. Now to block and she'll be ready to give away.

Yummy Swift

Dragonfly Turnings sent me new arms for my swift and I love it! It's so pretty and simple that it's a joy to use. They also sent along a nostapin for my troubles. While I have a ballwinder on order, this is beautiful. It's in Ipe wood and if you order a swift, get that. I love the wild cherry of the swift but this is much more subtle.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Evil Sweater Update

I am done the front and back! Yay! Now just the sleeves and piecing it together. How exciting.

I also have started the front of the vest. It's a nice easy cable pattern, I should be done with it in a week or two. I'm going to try and get these two finished before I start my massive Christmas knitting. I am making a felted tote with an intarsia skull with bow for my SIL, two felted bags for my nieces and 4 pairs of felted mocs for my brothers, one SIL and father. I'm also hoping to crank out a felted ipod cozy for my FIL and maybe a balaclava. If I ever get Branching Out finished (this one to a friend) I may start another for my MIL. That's going to be one big Knit Picks order.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Little man and I are back from our quick trip to NC. We got ate up by Tiger mosquitoes and both have approximately 20+ bites on us from our less than 48 hour visit. It sucks. It was nice to see the family and munchkin had a good time (minus the itching).

Now onto the serious bitching -- I received two of the three packages I was expecting. The first was my box of Malabrigo ordered on April 1st from the infamous co-op from hell. Now, I ordered 11 skeins total of the handspun kettle dyed pure wool. 6 of the Marine and 5 of the Carmine. The Carmine in texture looks as I expected -- it is definitely a bulky weight and is mostly uniform in consistency. The color is not what I wanted -- it was a very red red on their website and this is much more of a magenta. The Marine color is a very dark navy (which is darker than expected but usable) but doesn't look at all like a bulky yarn. Instead it looks like a thick/thin combination with the average thickness more like a heavy worsted. WTF????

Next, I received my handmade swift which I ordered after reading Knitty's great review. However, none of my pegs fit well. It's as if they never even tried to assemble it. I have emailed them and hopefully this will be resolved quickly. The wood itself is very smooth and pretty.

Back on the house front, Chris did more painting and it looks great! We get our kitchen/sunroom floor installed next week. Very exciting!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Off to North Carolina

Little man and I are off to NC tomorrow for a family reunion. Were only staying a few days (have to make it back for swimming lessons.) Chris was originally coming but is going to be painting instead.

I now have flooring installs scheduled -- our house will be finished by the middle of October!! I am so excited. I'm not going to want to leave (we're planning on moving in a few years.) We're getting vinyl flooring in the kitchen, sunroom, and office and nature stone in the utility part of the basement. We are not thrilled about the outgassing of the vinyl but we can't afford the other alternatives or they are not appropriate for the large mutt. I am thrilled with the idea of being able to look around and not see stuff that we want to change. I think it will be a mental relief.

Knitting update -- I will finish the back of the vest today. I think I'm just going to take the evil sweater on our vacation as I don't have to worry about anything fun and exciting like the cable on the vest. Still poking along on Branching Out. I try to do a couple of repeats a night.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Non-Knitting Related Post

My son recently turned three and with it so turned his attitude. He is currently quite often a little bugger. He's still sweet and nice but likes to now also throw in some contrariness and obstinance (no idea from whom he got that one.) It is rather tiring.

In an attempt not to eat him, I have signed the little munchkin up for all sorts of activities. We will now be doing swimming lessons on Mondays, a toddler dance class followed by storytime at the library on Wednesdays and our normal Friday playgroup. For a child who has never really done that many structured activities, this is a lot. I also signed us up for the local Cleveland Orchestra kids shows and for some kids theatre performances too but these happen only about once a month. I am hoping to wear his little ornery tush out. Wish me luck.

Knitting progress -- about 6 inches on the back of the vest. I really love that yarn (an alpaca/wool blend). A few more rows on the evil sweater and two more repeats on Branching Out. I'm off to do some repeats before I get too tired to pay attention.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A New Project

I finally started my mother's vest. Originally I was going to make a pattern from a Creative Knitting magazine, but I changed to this one from Knitty. Largely because I think it is something I can work on in the accompaniment of my child. The other, while fancier, requires a chart and that is just not something I can do and tend to a 3 year old. So far I have the bottom ribbing finished and have started up the back. It's been a while since I worked with a bulky yarn and it's kinda fun.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Busy Busy

We've had a busy couple of weeks -- we had a party for the little man's birthday (3!) and then he and I traveled to Baltimore to see my family. It was a nice visit and I got to deliver the stripy purse to my aunt. She said she really likes it, I hope she has some use for it.

I haven't been doing a ton of knitting, mostly just plugging away on existing projects. I'm finally back to 5 repeats finished on Branching Out. I put in a life-line so I don't have to keep frogging it every time I screw up that center stitch. I am hoping to get a few of these done to give as Christmas gifts. I also have about 9 inches done on the evil sweater. Hopefully I'll be onto the sleeves by the end of the month. They're the only fun part of the pattern -- flames done in intarsia.

I did pick up two balls of a wool/cotton/nylon mix at Joann's that feels great. It's part of their own line and is much nicer than the usual all acrylic stuff they have. It's a heathered blue and will end up being something for Baby Cashew. I would like to knit the baby some longies, but I'm not sure if I'm going to cloth diaper right from the start. All of my existing diapers are in bigger sizes and I'm not anxious to buy new ones. We shall see how prolific of a knitter I am once my belly gets bigger and I don't want to run around as much.

On a house note, Chris painted our sunroom while I was away and it looks fantastic. The previously orange-y paneling is white and the two flat walls are a deep blue done in a cloud like effect. A gentleman is coming out in an hour to measure for the floor. I would love to get real linoleum, but we're having to settle for vinyl instead. Neither wood nor laminate is up for the task of THOR (read, big red dog) and his nails and we don't want to break the bank. The most awesome thing is that this means we're almost done with the house! 5.5 years after we bought it, it will be done! That is so amazing.