Friday, September 30, 2005

Off to Toronto

Chris and I are off to Toronto in the morning (without child.) We're going to see Dead Can Dance. I can't wait! Small child will be staying with his grandparents and is not looking forward to it. He loves his Papa and Grandma very much but is anxious about this for some reason. Keeping this in mind, I only booked us a room for one night but we will hopefully get to stay for two.

In knitting world, I am about a third of the way done a bag for my youngest niece. I have done nothing more than cast on and knit a few rows on the Evil Sweater's sleeves. I am in debate about what to do about my Malabrigo. When I purchased it I was not pregnant and planned to make a sweater out of it. I must have been feeling pretty thin at the time too because I didn't get a lot of either color. So now, what to make?

I have cast on for a sweater only to frog it as I didn't like the way it looked (it's really and truly not a bulky weight) at the necessary gauge and then found a pattern for a cape I thought I liked (thinking I could wear it even while pregnant) but I've now decided that it's not big enough to cover any of my belly in a Cleveland winter. Maybe I could make a mini-Clapotis out of it. Chris (who loves the color and feel of the yarn) is petitioning for a new hat but I am reluctant to use one skein of a 6 skein purchase on a hat.

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