Thursday, September 08, 2005

Busy Busy

We've had a busy couple of weeks -- we had a party for the little man's birthday (3!) and then he and I traveled to Baltimore to see my family. It was a nice visit and I got to deliver the stripy purse to my aunt. She said she really likes it, I hope she has some use for it.

I haven't been doing a ton of knitting, mostly just plugging away on existing projects. I'm finally back to 5 repeats finished on Branching Out. I put in a life-line so I don't have to keep frogging it every time I screw up that center stitch. I am hoping to get a few of these done to give as Christmas gifts. I also have about 9 inches done on the evil sweater. Hopefully I'll be onto the sleeves by the end of the month. They're the only fun part of the pattern -- flames done in intarsia.

I did pick up two balls of a wool/cotton/nylon mix at Joann's that feels great. It's part of their own line and is much nicer than the usual all acrylic stuff they have. It's a heathered blue and will end up being something for Baby Cashew. I would like to knit the baby some longies, but I'm not sure if I'm going to cloth diaper right from the start. All of my existing diapers are in bigger sizes and I'm not anxious to buy new ones. We shall see how prolific of a knitter I am once my belly gets bigger and I don't want to run around as much.

On a house note, Chris painted our sunroom while I was away and it looks fantastic. The previously orange-y paneling is white and the two flat walls are a deep blue done in a cloud like effect. A gentleman is coming out in an hour to measure for the floor. I would love to get real linoleum, but we're having to settle for vinyl instead. Neither wood nor laminate is up for the task of THOR (read, big red dog) and his nails and we don't want to break the bank. The most awesome thing is that this means we're almost done with the house! 5.5 years after we bought it, it will be done! That is so amazing.

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