Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Toronto is wonderful!

We spent 2 nights in Toronto and absolutely loved it! It is the nicest city either of us has ever visited. (And while this isn't much coming from me, Chris has been all over the world.) It was very clean, very environmentally conscious, pedestrian friendly, child friendly and just beautiful. I envy all of you that live there.

We saw Dead Can Dance in a really crappy hall with really crappy seats (poor Chris's knees were smooshed against the wee seat in front of him) but the music was wonderful. Lisa sounded very much like you'd expect but Brendan sounded even more wonderful than on the cds. He's put on a bit of weight so maybe that explains it (thinking opera singer mechanics here) but whatever the reason his voice was rich, lush and vivid and made us forget how squished we were.

I'm almost finished with my bag for my niece. I am doing the damn i-cord for a drawstring and I freaking hate doing i-cord. It is so utterly boring. I'm trying to convince myself to go ahead and cast on something new but I'm not sure what. I know I need to get cracking on some felted mocs but I really have to pay attention to the pattern and that's not appealing right now.

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