Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Non-Knitting Related Post

My son recently turned three and with it so turned his attitude. He is currently quite often a little bugger. He's still sweet and nice but likes to now also throw in some contrariness and obstinance (no idea from whom he got that one.) It is rather tiring.

In an attempt not to eat him, I have signed the little munchkin up for all sorts of activities. We will now be doing swimming lessons on Mondays, a toddler dance class followed by storytime at the library on Wednesdays and our normal Friday playgroup. For a child who has never really done that many structured activities, this is a lot. I also signed us up for the local Cleveland Orchestra kids shows and for some kids theatre performances too but these happen only about once a month. I am hoping to wear his little ornery tush out. Wish me luck.

Knitting progress -- about 6 inches on the back of the vest. I really love that yarn (an alpaca/wool blend). A few more rows on the evil sweater and two more repeats on Branching Out. I'm off to do some repeats before I get too tired to pay attention.

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