Sunday, September 18, 2005


Little man and I are back from our quick trip to NC. We got ate up by Tiger mosquitoes and both have approximately 20+ bites on us from our less than 48 hour visit. It sucks. It was nice to see the family and munchkin had a good time (minus the itching).

Now onto the serious bitching -- I received two of the three packages I was expecting. The first was my box of Malabrigo ordered on April 1st from the infamous co-op from hell. Now, I ordered 11 skeins total of the handspun kettle dyed pure wool. 6 of the Marine and 5 of the Carmine. The Carmine in texture looks as I expected -- it is definitely a bulky weight and is mostly uniform in consistency. The color is not what I wanted -- it was a very red red on their website and this is much more of a magenta. The Marine color is a very dark navy (which is darker than expected but usable) but doesn't look at all like a bulky yarn. Instead it looks like a thick/thin combination with the average thickness more like a heavy worsted. WTF????

Next, I received my handmade swift which I ordered after reading Knitty's great review. However, none of my pegs fit well. It's as if they never even tried to assemble it. I have emailed them and hopefully this will be resolved quickly. The wood itself is very smooth and pretty.

Back on the house front, Chris did more painting and it looks great! We get our kitchen/sunroom floor installed next week. Very exciting!

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