Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Garden Pics

View from across the street

Joe Pye Weed

Island Bed

To the right of house

My super cool new garden structure thing my Dad made for my birthday gift.

My mother has gone back to Baltimore (and plus 100 degree heat) but not before she got the garden weeded. :) Thanks Mom!

Wee girl update: in a little over a week she has started sitting up on her own, got her first tooth and yesterday started crawling. She obviously missed my memo that stated crawling was at 8 months, not 6. :)

And lastly, what happens if your Dad is a goof:


Sourire11 said...

your garden is beautiful!

Whitney said...

I love your house! Your gardens are fantastic - I'm jealous.

Jane said...

Your house is just so sweet and beautiful....and what a gorgeous garden! I so know how you feel about Little Tikes!!!