Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Buzz Cut

Done by Dada over the weekend. I'm still in shock. He looks a lot older (and a lot more like Chris)!

Still has those eyes though.

Taken by a girlfriend at the Botanical Gardens today. They have an awesome children's garden and JCC and his friend had a great time splashing in the fountains and digging in the sand. Notice the green boots on the ground. Mommom bought these and they are a hit! He wears them everywhere. Today we went out and he had on his matching frog gloves and a red fleece shirt. (It was 85 degrees.) He got a lot of smiles.

No fiber related pics (too boring) but I have been doing lots of fiber work. I have been spinning every night and am getting pretty decent at it. I spun up some dark brown wool roving I bought at FiberFest and after I set the twist I think I'm going to knit up a hat to match my cape. I've also been working on my sweater and the ever present washcloth. I received a call today that my Tunis is finished being cleaned. I should have all 4 lbs of it next week. :)

I should have garden pics soon -- my very lovely mother has weeded almost the whole thing (I did one wee bit while the baby girl was asleep the other day.) It looks a lot more presentable. Tomorrow we are going to move around some plants I want to relocate and start sewing on some skirts. A few years ago after I lost my baby weight from JCC I hit a clearance sale at Ann Taylor Loft and bought a few a-line skirts in very graphic prints. Now that I can wear them again I would love to have more but don't have the time or extra cash to shop. Enter my mama and Joann's. :) We bought some fabric and a pattern. It is all washed and pressed. Hopefully I'll have pics soon.

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