Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Week in Photos

We've been busy busy (do I say this every post?) Lots of crafting, gardening and running around enjoying the perfect summer weather. We had friends over for dinner last Friday and JCC took some photos:

I've been doing lots o'crafts -- plied my spun brown roving, cut out my apron pieces, finished knitting on the Drop-Stitch Cardigan, knit the bottom half of the Lace Leaf Pullover, swatched for both Sizzle (yarn is too fine) and the Glampyre V-Neck. I'm getting ready to do a crochet wrap out of some of the Chicago yarn and I got 2 big bags of roving to spin as well as a wonderful Jacob fleece.

I called about my fleece (it's been 2 months) and the guy swears it will be here by Friday.

Yesterday we weeded the garden.

Last week we did one of those 30 day cooking things. That was exhausting.

Today we went to the Natural History Museum and played in mud:

Tomorrow over some friends' new house for a garden appraisal. Then we have a pig roast on Saturday, JCC's birthday party the following Saturday (if you live in NE Ohio and want to come let me know) and then off to Toledo the following weekend. Geesh. I need a nap just thinking about it.


Whitney said...

So, can I get you to do a garden appraisal at my house? I think it would consist of a lot of "maybe you should just weed that...." :)
Still heading this way next month?

Hanna in Cleveland said...

My goodness, I need a nap just reading about it. I think you will need a vacation to recover from actually doing all that!

Have fun!

mamacate said...

That brown red gold stuff makes me a little breathless.

You're a stronger woman than I with the Feingold diet, but I'll be eager to see how it goes.