Sunday, August 13, 2006


was not a lot of fun. :( My poor sweet boy is plagued with allergies and the on-the-road eating (McDonalds) combined with hotel eating threw his poor body into all kinds of itchies and its accompanying poor behavior. We left before we got to do any of the fun stuff we had planned (millennium Park and the Shedd Aquarium.) We did go to the knitting convention though!

I was looking to buy lots of fiber (my fleece is still not here!) but didn't find much to fit the bill. I did get a few ounces of black alpaca (natural), a sampler of different luxury fibers (baby alpaca, merino, baby camel), and some purple merino.

Next up I bought some stuff from Interlacements. The first is a purpley worsted destined for one of the wee children.

Next is 600 yds of violet worsted destined for a coat for wee girl.

A scarf (another Clapotis??) out of this silk/merino.

This silver blob is gorgeous silk/merino from Tess's Yarns destined for a sweater for me.

This light blue baby alpaca/pima is for a tank for me.

And lastly is more silk/merino in a sherbet-ish colorway. Unfortunately, I don't like the color as much in real light as I did in the convention center. Why, oh why, are knitting shops/venues filled with awful light? Bleh. However, I do just love the Brooks Farm yarns so I'm happy to have purchased something from them. Mom, do you like it? It seems more like your colors.

And some pics of my new haircut (even shorter!) and small children.


joyce said...

man oh man! that is some seriously gorgeous yarn (and i like the haircut too!)

i was feeling a little bit guilty, because i went into the yarn shop to buy some dpn holders today, and came out with three skeins of hand dyed merino, destined to become a beautiful cabled scarf for some lucky chick. my three skeins pale in comparison to your amazing acquisitions! i can't wait to see what you do with all of it!

knitsteel said...

Beautiful yarn. Beautiful children! My daughter gets the itchies too, mainly after eating a lot of bright and unnaturally colored crap.

I like that sweater you're planning on knitting. Let me know when you get it done, by blog or by laceknitters group, (If you're on it.)