Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thank You SP 8!

My lovely SP from SP8 sent me this super cool crochet hook holder. I love love love the fabric. I already have it hooked up with my tools (heh heh) and it rocks. No more pulling out half a skein of yarn as I grab a hook from my bag. Both of my SPs rock, I hope I'm pulling my weight with my own two recipients.

It was a very trying day today with JCC. He was just plain ornery. Below is a pic of him finger painting before he decided it was fun to clap his hands together after dipping his hands in paint. I have white walls. :( I think I'm going to need to make finger painting an outside activity.

I received an email today from a friend from my freshman year at college. It contained a link to her blog and her roommate's, both of whom were very good friends of mine at the time. She is now working on a masters in social work and the other is living on a farm in New Zealand. Neither has children.

Reading their blogs has me contemplating my own doings. It's rather bizarre as I don't think anyone from highschool or college would have expected me to end up the SAHM. I don't regret my decision to have children younger than most professional women do, but it does set me apart a bit from my peers. The majority of women I associate with are quite a bit older and wiser. I'm pretty sure I'll never go back to writing code, and homeschooling will take up much of my time in the future but I'm not sure what the future beyond children will hold for me. I have herbalist desires but that requires quite a bit of study -- it is definitely a far off aspiration.

We are having another storm. A rather strange one in that I can see some blue sky as it thunders and lightnings. I am holding off on taking pics of the garden as everything is about to burst into bloom. Hopefully I'll have some good shots next week.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the hook holder! It is from a shop I love at Etsy:
Hope you had a happy birthday!

Shan said...

Nope, never would have pegged you the SAHM, but I think you do an incredible job!!! If I had a snapshot of this in high school...

Andi said...

Cute hooker holder!!

Jenn said...

I know what you mean about having children younger than your peers. semms like everyone is waiting now to have hildren in their 30's. I had my first at 23 and am very happy that I did.

I too tend to gravitate towards older women.... maybe it is because I have more in common with them.