Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Washcloths

but I won't bore you with more pics. This one is yellow/white and it is a small mitt (I just did a 3-needle bindoff at the top and then seemed the side) for JCC. The boy loves to clean. He happily did the dishes today using it. We made my most favorite muffins (banana chocolate chip) but I set the oven at 450 instead of 350. DAMN IT. Amazingly, this is the first burned thing I've had to show JCC. We were still able to eat some of them but they aren't nearly as tasty when they're charred.

I'm still plugging along on my sweater. I'm trying to get the other side done before I make another washcloth. :)

Small children and I have been very busy lately -- last week we hit the Natural History Museum, yesterday a cruise down the Cuyahoga and in between we've been to the farmer's market, had brunch at Tommy's, did some gardening, etc. We've also been doing a bit more cleaning than normal as our big mutt is blowing his coat. I'm vacuuming every other day or so but it looks like it's been weeks since it's been cleaned. I'm also finally washing the windows as our Black Locust (which I learned at the Natural History Museum is an invasive plant) is finally finished blooming and this marks the end of all of the major pollen dumping. I hate cleaning windows. I think it's the perfectionist in me and as I always find a streak somewhere on them -- it drives me nuts. But I'm doing a room a day and have 4/18 windows done. :)

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Sourire11 said...

aaah yes... the Goodtime III is funtimes! I love cruising the Cuyahoga!