Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Mail Carrier Delivers

2 packages awaited me after a trip to the library and lunch with Daddy at work. First up is my Secret Pal 8 gift. She kindly included a yarn decorated note, a large bag of M&Ms, 2 boxes of Junior Mints, a stitch holder, yarn thimble, needle connectors, a list of knitting tips from her LYS, pretty blue post-its and a super cute pot holder (for kitchen knitting 201; 101 is, of course, washcloths.) What's really cool about the double layer pot holder is that on the back in purls is the word "Home". :) Very sweet. I will take a picture of it next time. Thank you Secret Pal! (Off to stalk knit bloggers and figure out who is from Fitchburg MA.)

Next up we have my new blue cover for my ipod. I've been exercising a lot (well a lot for me -- meaning daily) and this comes with an armband so I don't have to fear it plunging to its death off of the elliptical machine.

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