Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I am officially 29. I was thinking about it yesterday and on a purely theoretical level I felt it should bother me as it seems like 29 is an awfully adult age, but after thinking about my life I realized I'm pretty much an adult. I still have a totally sophomoric sense of humor (and husband) but otherwise I'm pretty responsible. So after I figured that out I was over any remorse at getting older.

Over the weekend we had a lovely combo birthday/beginning of summer party and then on Sunday JCC and I did some garden work and then had Thai for dinner. We are blessed in this part of Cleveland with a bunch of yummy Thai restaurants and a new one had opened in Coventry but alas it did not live up to the glory that is Mekong River. (Still good, just not spectacular.) Yesterday Chris got me a latte, some cupcakes and an iTunes card to celebrate my official birthday. (I got the spinning wheel last weekend.) I had a blast downloading songs and I do think an iTunes card is an almost perfect present -- there's nothing to dust, nothing to clean and you get to have fun listening to different music as you decide what to purchase. And on top of all that my lovely brother and sister-in-law sent me these:

They are stunning in person.

Today we had our ugly tree removed and it provided great entertainment for the family:

And some goofy pics:

Wee girl learned how to sit up last week and found her voice. Unfortunately she likes to exercise her new skills at 4am, but at least it's only for a few minutes.

I'm getting my hair highlighted/cut later today -- I'm thinking I'm going short. I'll post pics tomorrow.

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