Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thank You One Skein SP!

I got an awesome package from my One Skein SP yesterday -- a beautiful blue skein of Cascade 220, an Oklahoma postcard, point protectors that look like socks and two homemade bottlecap magnets that actually hold up stuff! (We have lots of magnets but they rarely are strong enough to hold up JCC's artwork. These do!) And it was all wrapped up with bright shiny paper. Lovely -- thank you! The blue is wonderful too, I'll have to post a pic of our bedroom as it's that shade.

What's next is for Shannon. This is roving. It is the cleaned wool off of a sheep fleece. The darker pieces are from Alpaca. Spinning is the process of taking pieces of this (drafting) and making yarn.

This is wee girl in mid-roll as taken by JCC. He loves to take pictures but usually they are close-ups of everyday objects. They're pretty funny.

Lastly, this is JCC in my helmet and apron. After I took this picture he asked to see it and then commented that he looked pretty. :)


Anonymous said...

He definitely has your fashion sense ;)


shan said...

Oh...I get it now!!! Very cool. Tell JCC he looked really pretty!!!