Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Toe and the Coffee Table

It was not a good meeting. My poor little baby toe is broke! Nothing too bad, I think I just cracked it a little. It has a nice purple blotch and is stiff and swollen. It really only hurts bad if it gets whacked (a common occurrence with a munchkin) or when I walk on it.

Last night was my local SnB. I finished the back of The Evil Sweater for Chris and am almost finished the LTK Easy Peasy sweater for Baby Cashew. I still need to CO for the satchel and un-ravel the yarn for my dad's Father's Day gift. Mom -- I'm thinking you'll get the vest for Christmas instead of your birthday. :) Chris -- I'm not sure when you'll get your sweater, maybe Christmas too.

My mother is coming to stay for a week starting Saturday. Originally we were going to paint our sunroom (part of my early nesting phase) but now Chris has volunteered to do it so Baby Cashew is not exposed to any fumes. Now I need to come up for stuff for my mom and I to do. We'll definitely do some gardening and I think we might venture down to Cuyahoga Falls where I believe there is a combo yarn/cross-stitch (her craft of choice) store. She's an easy visitor but it's nice to do something rather than reading and gardening.


Heather from the west side said...

Have fun with your mom. And yup, Stitch Piece and Purl is an awesome store!! Sorry to hear about your toe, I've done that and it isn't fun!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the sympathy! I hope to make it back to the West SnB sometime soon.