Thursday, July 07, 2005

Just Keep Knitting

Just Keep Knitting, Knitting, Knitting. What do we do? We Knit. (Sung to the "Just Keep Swimming" part of Finding Nemo.) Even when you fingers are all tingley from the CTS. Mr. Chiro said I have a bad case. Nothing to be done really -- get adjustments and take more B6. Maybe try some splints. Luckily the shooting pains are gone. Numbness is much more bearable.

But anyway, I got about 3 inches done on the Evil Sweater. I put in the red stripe and started the decreases, somehow this makes me feel better about it. I am also almost done my little sweater for Baby Cashew. And I finally dug out more yarn to finish my dad's father's day gift. There's a small ball I hope will be enough before I have to start un-tangling the rest of the skein. For some strange reason I also pulled out a ball of super-chunky Cherry Hill cotton chenille. I'm thinking a baby blanket would be good.

Lastly, because I am always anxious to start something new, I dug out all of the leftover yarn from my other felted bags and I think I have enough to make the Satchel. Yay! I love my friend but I wasn't looking forward to spending money on the yarn when I have a whole chest full. Now the only yarn I need to purchase is for my mom's birthday vest (cabled and in a chunky wool) and something silky for whatever type of shawl/wrap I decide to make for myself.

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