Sunday, July 31, 2005

Back to Normal

My mother went back to Baltimore yesterday. :( I will miss her very much. It's just so nice to have someone to do the normal routine with. She is a very benign houseguest. She drinks a lot of coffee and plays mahjong at night (on the computer) but otherwise you don't even notice the intrusion.

Below are all of the projects I've been working on (minus Chris's sweater.) My friend had her baby early so I am working exclusively on the satchel right now. (Though I'm itching to start Knitty's Branching Out.) I have some mohair for it that I bought on sale in a lovely blue that I think will be very nice. I also finally ordered some yarn to make Clapotis. This is the colorway. It is dyed to order so I won't have it for a few weeks. That's probably a good thing.

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