Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It's been a rough day after a busy week, but I wanted to get some photos up. First some of my garden and then a bunch that Little Man took today. They are really funny -- life from an almost 4 year old's perspective. There are pics of my backside cooking (not included), Dada exercising, Bob the Builder on TV, Thor, and a ton of Wee Girl. In fact, there is a full analysis of Wee Girl going from sitting on the floor laughing to face down on the floor to me picking her up to her sitting happy again. He is too funny.

On the knitting front I CO for my Morehouse shawl but it's just not working with my Denise needles -- I'm going to have to get some metal ones. I have finished the first sleeve on my sweater. Just another sleeve and then the finishing. That means at least 2 months at my sweater pace.

We are also now going to Chicago next month! I love Chicago. :) We're going to go for the Stitches convention. I'm not going to take any classes as Wee Girl does not take a bottle and it's stressful for everyone when I'm gone and she's hungry and tired. Maybe I'll go to Baltimore in November for the East Coast version and take classes then.

Driveway Bed

Daylilly Close-up 1

Daylilly Close-up 2


Psuedo-Japanese Bed

Back bed -- dogwood was Chris's father's day gift


Fridge Art

Happy Girl 1

Happy Girl 2

The Artist

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