Monday, July 17, 2006

A Crafty Day

It was blazing hot here (ok, 91 is not blazing but playing outside with a child who finds 25 F to be the perfect temp is not fun when it's over 85) so we drove to the library (we usually walk/ride bikes -- see above) and then JCC watched videos and played with blocks. I did the following while wee girl napped.

My $2 market bag in pictures:

Thursday -- visit friend who's street is having garage sale day. Buy J. Crew Men's sweater for $2.

Felt sweater.

Chop into bits.

Spend naptime fussing with sewing machine. Assemble bag.

It is horribly wonky and poorly sewn, but as it's my first sewing project on my own I'm pleased. I'm hoping it will stay together well enough to serve as a bag for the grocery store. I only have 3 canvas bags and that's not enough for a week's worth of groceries and I'm tired of tending to plastic bags that need to be carted back to the store to be recycled.

As I love kids in tie-dye and really enjoyed making JCC's shirts last year, I started pondering a co-op purchase of dyes and chemicals and then having a big crafty party to group tie-dye. I even got the email composed and all of my mama friends in the to field before I decided that this was way more work than I wanted and that it would probably be cheaper to just buy a tie-dye from a lovely lady at the Farmer's Market.

Chris calls this "Yarn Cheese":

It took me three attempts to get a square about the right size. It's from scrap yarn from my lovely sweater. Still a sleeve to go on that.

Lastly, I received a wonderful package from my SP 8. It included the aloo yarn to make the bath puffy and mit from One Skein (I really wanted to make this the first time I saw the book so this is very cool! Now I need to learn Tunisian Crochet.), a very cute book for JCC (not in pic as he made off with it), orange citrus tea candles, a cute notepad and some sleepytime bath supplies and a beautiful card. It made my day! Thank you very much. :)

Off to take a bath.


Carolyn said...

I love your sweater into purse idea! What a great way to recycle those old sweaters! I also think the tie-dye onesie is darling!

tracy said...

Love your sweater-bag! What a find - and it turned out great.