Thursday, December 01, 2005

Finished 2 sleeves, another to go

Why? Because the first one is HUGE! I don't know what I was thinking -- it's obviously really big. Maybe I was just so involved in the intarsia that I didn't let my mind focus on this shortcoming. The first one is about 2 inches bigger at the bottom. Here's a pic, the big one's on the bottom:

Next pic, wee baby slippers. The recipient (or recipient's mama) of the wee fuzzy feet requested a pair for a friend.

Little man and I have had a pretty good day. So far we've made bread (haven't baked it yet,) felted the above slippers, made cookies (too flat) and played around with his playsilks. We had a great time bouncing around to Fat Boy Slim. OK, he was bouncing, I was sitting and laughing. We were each holding an end to a huge playsilk and he was jumping like crazy on his trampoline. Sonic Youth came on next and it killed the mood. :) He has definite music tastes, so far Johnny Cash, Elvis, Fat Boy Slim, bouncy reggae and Moby are well liked. It makes a mama proud. Now I just have to work on getting him to like Tom Waits.


  • Chris's sweater

  • skull with bow tote

  • ipod cozy

  • 5 pairs of adult slippers

  • ruffles scarf from Scarf Style

  • another Miss Dashwood

  • another satchel

  • wee pair of baby slippers

1 comment:

shan said...

The baby slippers are the them!!! Way to go baby cashew for great sense of direction!!!