Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holiday Knitting

Well, some of it is done. There has been a bunch of rationalization as to what would be finished and what to skip. Oh well.

There are actually 3 pairs that look just like this, and another in a purple:

Ruffles Scarf:

Skull purse (Hello Yarn skull pattern, my bag pattern):

Skull purse with needle felted bow:


  • Chris's sweater

  • skull with bow tote

  • ipod cozy

  • 5 pairs of adult slippers

  • ruffles scarf from Scarf Style

  • another Miss Dashwood

  • another satchel

  • wee pair of baby slippers

So that's not too bad, the yarn for the satchel should be here soon, I can crank out the ipod cozy in a night and then I just have to sew the sweater. I think I can now allow myself to start something for Baby Cashew!

1 comment:

Mom2Xan said...

Amazing - everything looks amazing... You should be very proud of yourself! I *love* the bow on the skull. That really makes me smile. You got WAAAAY more of your "to do" list done than I did. LOL!