Monday, December 26, 2005

Ensuring Good Knitting Karma for 2006

In order to appease the knitting gods I have decided to finish all WIPs by this Saturday night. This shouldn't be too hard -- one more bastard slipper, side seams of the Evil Sweater, a baby bunting and the satchel. The satchel is currently 20 miles away so this does pose a bit of a problem. Slightly inebriated Chris was entrusted with putting stuff in the car after last night's Christmas dinner at his brother's and instead left them sitting in a nice neat pile. Leaving presents and tupperware is one thing, leaving knitting is treason!

It was a nice dinner with a mish mash of the normal American stuff and traditional Lithuanian things. My brother-in-law made some kick-ass mushroom gravy. I could have ate the whole boat full. Yum. After dinner I helped my niece (10 years old) to start knitting. I was very impressed that she kept at it for quite a few hours. I'm going to dig her out some bigger needles (these were 8s) and nicer yarn to encourage her. I found the slow-going nature of 8s to be intimidating at first and enjoyed making those first scarves on huge 17s, I hope she'll feel the same.

Today has been long -- little man is suffering from post-holiday let-down and is driving me nuts. Luckily he is already in his pjs (at his request) which I hope indicates he wants to go to sleep soon.

In Baby Cashew news, there is none. I am freaking huge but otherwise well and happy. I go to my chiro tomorrow just for a hip alignment. On Wednesday we have our home visit for the homebirth just to review the general plan. And that will be it until the munchkin decides to arrive. Chris and I both think it will be sometime the week before my due date (1/13).

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