Monday, November 28, 2005

Miss Dashwood

Isn't she sweet? I love it! Basically a night of knitting (earflaps and ties the next) and fun knitting at that.

We drove back from Baltimore yesterday -- a nice visit. Yorick went to my SIL, who I think liked it. My mother modeled her vest -- we both still like the yarn but aren't sure of the neck. She ended up pinning the two pieces together with a broach. I also think the vest should have been narrower through the shoulders -- we are not the type that needs shoulder pads. Amazingly, I did zero knitting while there. I must be gearing up for December.

Over the next month I need to complete the following:

  • Chris's sweater

  • skull with bow tote

  • ipod cozy

  • 5 pairs of adult slippers

  • ruffles scarf from Scarf Style

  • another Miss Dashwood

  • another satchel

  • wee pair of baby slippers

Of course, now that I'm only 6 weeks away from Baby Cashew's due date I have some serious nesting urges to knit for my own wee one. I bought yarn today (Chris, you didn't read that) to make a bunting (a violet shade of HPY in worsted) and I have designs on making a Pinwheel blanket out of some Lion's Brand Polar stuff I bought on clearance. I think I'm going to have to stop sleeping to get it all done.

In good baby news, the wee one was pronounced head down and anterior today by the CNM. Little man was a very long labor thanks to his posterior position so this is great news. Now the little bugger just needs to stay that way. I also ordered our birth kit today (we're planning another homebirth) and feel like I'm pretty ready for the babe. Well, minus the missing bunting. For some reason I feel like this baby just needs a bunting.

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K said...

Yeah for head down! Yeah for homebirth! yeah for baby knitting!!! :D