Monday, January 02, 2006

Do I have bad karma now?

Because of course I didn't get everything done. I did finish the satchel this morning:

I think the recipient liked it. It was a trade for a bunch of wee baby diapers. A huge bag full, hopefully it won't be a giant munchkin and we'll get a couple months worth of use out of them. I did finish Chris's slipper. The Evil Sweater is still a pile here on my desk. We don't have much planned for tomorrow so I should make some progress on it. I think I'm going to rip the bunting out. It is way too small (I had two skeins worth of HPY and was adjusting the size of the bunting to fit the yarn), even with using different yarn for the sleeves/hood. I think I may just buy a bunting and make longies out of the HPY.

So now I am itching to knit something fun. I looked through my books/magazines and didn't see anything calling my name that doesn't require a yarn purchase. Maybe I'll just make a quick sweater/hat/bootie set for Baby Cashew out of some of that Joann's yarn. I need to make another pair of slippers for my FIL as I felted his way too much, but I just can't bring myself to knit another pair right now. Ug -- knitting ennui. Or maybe, life ennui as I'm just waiting for the wee babe to make its appearance. 11 days to go!

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