Friday, October 28, 2005

Super Duper Fuzzy Feet

It's not the fuzzyfeet pattern from Knitty, but they sure look fuzzy. These are the LTK felted moc pattern (they're the ones pictured for Every Ones) and it's a great pattern. They are a little deep for me, but that's easy enough to fix. I made these out of my absolutely favorite yarn, Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride in Sapphire. It's the mohair that made them so wooly, I think I'll at least give the soles a trim. I'm planning on making these as holiday gifts so this was the test pair. I also made a pair for the little man, and are going to do two more childrens pairs before my next felting run. Here's what JCC's look like freshly knit:

On a non-knitting note, the little boy has had a runny nose the last couple of days and it's not been fun. While he doesn't want to go out he does want to bounce around and destroy the house. I am going a wee-bit stir-crazy. Hopefully the Halloween festivities will cheer me up.

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