Saturday, August 13, 2005

We're Back!

We went on a mini-vacation up to Lake Conneaut in PA. It's about 2 hours from Cleveland. Some of our friends go up for this week every year with their family and they invited us to stay a few days. It was lovely -- a perfect old-fashioned type of vacation spot. Our friend's mother (in her 70s) came here as a child and she says it's still very much the same. We plan on going back next year.

While I was up there I decided I have to frog part of Branching Out. Sigh. I was doing so well when I was working on it when the munchkin was asleep but as soon as I got over-confident and tried to do some with him awake it got all wonky. Now I need to figure out if I can pick up stitches or if I need to frog the whole thing.

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