Thursday, January 11, 2007

On Cooking

After 4 years of allergies my son is eating like a normal person and it is wonderful. Well, we're still on Feingold so not quite normal, but normal enough to celebrate. All of the possibilities leave me wanting to start cooking again. I cook dinner almost every night but it is not something I really enjoy. Like housework it is just something I do as my job.

However now that I can use butter, cheese and flour again I feel like maybe scrumptous food should appear on our plates. Lasagna sounds wonderful (though we haven't tried tomatoes lately) as does spinach salad with bacon and eggs. Tonight we're having Portugese Canja (chicken soup with rice and lemon) with garlic bread. Yum yum yum.

Part of my desire to cook comes from reading a fun new book: Talking with My Mouth Full: Crab Cakes, Bundt Cakes and Other Kitchen Stories by Bonny Wolf. An enjoyable read with a ton of recipes (I'm thinking I should buy the book as I have so many pages dogeared.) The Irish Soda Bread is kick ass and takes 5 minutes to mix up and 45 minutes to bake.

Now that I've finished that I'm going to start another cooking book -- Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. Maybe I'll be trying French cuisine next.

The knitting has been unremarkable. More felted mocs, more baby hats, blah blah blah. Another friend is due with a baby soon and I still have two babies already in the world who need hats.


Laura said...

Great. Now I'm hungry! :)

That canja sounds awesome.

Jody said...

Melinda, in one weeks time I spoke to 3 people who have done NAET. All do not know each other and all with diferent practioners. What a wonderful therapy for our allergy kids! I can't wait to get Ben cleared of dairy. I am just starting Nourishing Traditions and am very interested in some of her ideas. I still need to share my ganrdma's version of irish soda bread. Take care.