Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And the Hogwarts Scarf Begins

You can't get better timing than that. I finished my socks last night (after posting I immediately snagged one of them on a slightly raised nail and had to do repair work) and now the yarn for the Hogwarts scarf is here. However this scarf is not for me nor is it a gift -- a homeschooling mama is paying me to knit it!

How cool is that -- someone is paying me to knit. Rock on. It really doesn't get any better than that in my little world. Chris couldn't quite understand my excitement about this but when you haven't earned any income in almost 3 years any little bit is cause for a celebration. Anyway, do those colors look Gryffindor to you? The yarn is posing in the snow to get the best representation of the color. I'm not sure about the gold.


earthchick said...

Being paid to knit! COOL! I think the colors look perfect.

Sara M said...

The yarns look perfect. I did Ravenclaw colors when I made mine, but the gold looks like what I remember from when I had to pick colors. When I did the pattern, I was one of the first in the group that stopped knitting it in the round and started doing the knit 1, purl 1 ribbing pattern. I thought it made for a nicer scarf, it was closer to what they had in the movies and it used less yarn. Added bonus, of course, was the lack of curling that stockinette would have caused and no right or wrong side. I used the rest of the yarn to make a hat and I still have some for the day I choose to make mittens or something.

Angela M said...

I love those colors. How very cool to get paid to knit!