Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good Music, Not So Good Knitting

Last night at SnB was a bust -- I finished one of the remaining two slippers before running out of yarn. I started a swatch for the Tattoo Sweater in SnBN but didn't have small enough needles to achieve gauge. Then I switched to Branching Out but I can't knit lace and have lovely feminist discussions so I will be ripping that out too. I also stared mournfully at the Evil Sweater sleeve and had everyone admire the flames before I told them of it's limited future. Blah, a not good night.

Today I placed my KnitPicks order for all of my holiday gifts -- one skull tote, one pair skull slippers, 2 pairs plain slippers, one Yorik, one King of All Wild Things crown. And then I have some other stuff too but I'm just using my existing Knitting Mill sale yarn for that.

In better news, fall is proving to be a banner season for good music. Dead Can Dance last month, Laurie Anderson this Sunday and then thanks to Laura, Bauhaus in 2 weeks. Sweet. I'm am anxious to get out as I don't think we'll be doing much concert going with a new wee one. Only 10 weeks until we are a family of 4 (well, 9 if you count the extra furry members)!

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