Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm Over the Knitting Blahs

It was a good knitting weekend -- I finished the sleeve for the evil sweater, knit about 3/4s of Yorick and finished the hat portion of Miss Dashwood (earflaps and ties to come).

I chose to knit Yorick in the KnitPicks Merino and man, do I love this yarn. So much so that I decided to do Miss Dashwood just to get my little fingers on some more of it. The former is to be felted and the latter is just a baby hat so pilling hopefully won't be much of a problem. It is scrumptiously soft.

Non-knitting wise, I managed to pinch two of my fingers in the garage door. I had thought I had broken them but they came out with dents. After some weeping at the sink (holding them under cold water) I took some Arnica and amazingly the bruising that was there yesterday is already gone and they don't look any worse for wear. Amazing stuff! I was sure I was going to lose at least one of my nails.

Finished photos to come in a day or so!

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