Friday, June 10, 2005

Not Knitting Sucks

Before I started knitting I read voraciously. Ever since the knitting began I have fallen behind in my reading (well, except for knitting related books) but I haven't minded too too much because I've read a ton for years and doing something with my hands is a lot of fun. But now this dreaded CTS has got me not knitting and not web surfing and I don't have anything to read.

I re-read the Harry Potter series over the winter and am down to the last one but as it was not my favorite I'm not feeling the urge to dive in. I'll definitely get the new one when it comes out, but until the middle of July I am stuck. We have a ton of great books around here but none of them are appealing either. I even picked up Steppenwolf by Hesse one of my all time favorite books and am just going "Eh." as I read it. If someone one would like to suggest something funny (think Christopher Moore) I would love it.

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