Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fiberfest 2005

I went to the Lake FarmPark Fiberfest today. If I hadn't been taking a class I think I would have been disappointed at what they had. I did score some needle felting stuff that I've been wanting, but otherwise wasn't overly wowed with the selection. Maybe my rather large stash was weighing on my conscience.

The class I took rocked -- Beyond Stripes, Knitting with Variegated Yarns. I took it because it covered using more advanced techniques, not really for the yarn, but that was cool too. We had a 20 dollar material fee which was worth it since we got to use Lorna's Laces yarn. Yum, nice stuff. So some of the techniques I learned were entrelac, mitered squares, fair-isle, lattice stitch and two lace patterns. The only one that I was really glad I was at the class for was the entrelac. It just looked so wonky on my needles that I couldn't believe it would turn out ok. But overall the instructor's patterns/directions were excellent. A nice way to spend the day! I'm going to block them soon and then post picks.

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