Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Crappy Librarian Recommendation

Yesterday I had a lovely treat in that my girlfriend had little man for two hours in the morning and I got to go to the West Side SnB in the evening. I spent my morning out by hitting the library for a good fun read. Upon the librarian's recommendation I checked out Ben Elton's A Blast from the Past. The back of the book lists him as a comedian and he was recommended after I listed Christopher Moore as the style of book I was after. Ha! I obviously picked the one he wrote after recovering from a bad break-up. It ends with three deaths, one being one of the main characters. Elton has an interesting style, but this wasn't funny, witty or even enjoyable. A waste of my time lounging in the hammock.

The West Side SnB is certainly a rocking group. Maybe it's the availability of beer and coffee, but it's a very different atmosphere from the East Side bunch. I'm hoping to attend both at least a couple of times a month. I spent my time chatting with another mama and working on yet another baby hat.

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