Friday, June 10, 2005

I Finished a project

but forgot to take a picture. Damn. I do that about every other item, I give it away without taking a pic. Anyway, it was the cotton chenille washcloth. It turned out cute. I'm hoping it doesn't fall apart when washed or get all wormy.

My arm is still achey but seems to be doing a little better since I backed off on knitting. I did get about an inch done on the newest felted bag I'm working on last night. It's going to take a while at that rate. Hopefully I'll get in to the chiro next week and everything will be resolved. It's also cut down on my internet surfing which is probably a good thing. One thing I did find to get into was a Dharma Trading Co. co-op. I ordered a bunch of silks to dye and a tie-dye kit that a friend and I are going to do with our munchkins. Should be fun!

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