Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Slightly Obsessed

Slightly Obsessed

Now that I've calmed down I can finish my post for the day. I'm sure this will result in the munchkin waking up. It was a lovely mail delivery day -- I received some yummy Noro Kureyon for my secret pal over on MDC (I'm going to send it to her along with the Booga Bag pattern,) some note cards printed with my name for giving out whenever I knit up some stuff for sale, and a card and present from my secret pal. Munchkin man was thrilled to receive his own package that contained a toothbrush with a race-car on it. It must be pretty cool to be 2.5 years old!

Just now one of my neighbors from across the street came over to ask if I wanted some zoo tickets as her partner works there. How do you explain that you have ethical objections to zoos and feel icky every time you visit one? I've explained it to other mama friends I know (and gotten some raised eyebrows) but not to someone who is employed by a zoo itself. I just said "OK, thanks." and left it at that.

On a Blogger note, the spell-check works in the pop-up but not on the main interface. I'm guessing it's a Mozilla issue. I will have to (reluctantly) break out IE to test my hypothesis.

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