Thursday, May 19, 2005

Knitting Projects

For Mother's Day I bought myself a trunk from World Market to hold my yarn stash. Thanks to a Going out of Business sale by a local knitting mill it is over 3/4 full. I got about 10 lbs of un-dyed yarn for $12! A lot of it is knotty and dirty but I don't care! That takes up about half of the trunk the other half is filled with yarn for various projects. I'm sure this doesn't seem like much, but I've only been knitting for 5 months. And the sad thing is I'm compulsively stalking online yarn shops. I even go so far as to plan out yardage for projects and then add the yarn to the shopping cart. I currently have way more projects planned then I can possibly finish in the near future so I'm not sure what I'm thinking. Here's my list:
  • Chris's Sweater (1/4 done)
  • My Sweater (waiting on yarn from HPY co-op)
  • JCC Sweater (3/4 done)
  • Diaper Bag for Susan (needs by August)
  • Purple Socks (have yarn, want to do the other socks first)
  • Peace Fleece Stripey Socks (need size 4 dpns)
  • My Vest (waiting on yarn from HPY co-op)
  • Balaclava for Joe (for Xmas)
  • Felted wine cozy for dad (for Father's Day)
  • Booties/hat for Blayne (due in June)
  • Soaker for SP (sometime soon)
  • Gnome (whenever I feel like untangling my Cascade)
  • Vest for Mom (by September)
  • 5 more assorted baby gifts for expectant mamas
And did I mention I'm pregnant??? That's another munchkin to start making things for. I'm only 6 weeks along so I have plenty of time for that one.

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