Sunday, November 19, 2006

Swing Thing & Joseph Coat

Two finished objects to show! I also sewed the zipper in my Drop-Stitch Cardigan (after ripping out the collar) but it is uneven and I want to get a better zipper for it.

Pattern: Swing Thing from MagKnits by Theresa Belville
Yarn: Interlacements Worsted II Merino Wool. I LOVE this yarn. So nice and sproingy -- it would be good for something with cables.
Needles: Denise size 7 & 8 (sleeves)
Changes: I couldn't get the stinking super cute knot buttons to work for me so I subbed some boring buttons I had lying around.

Front View with goofy face

Back View

Pattern: Joseph from Knitty by Kerrie Rycroft
Yarn: Colinette Point 5 in the Tuscan colorway, donated by Nona
Needles: Denise size 13
Changes: I knit the smallest size because of my gauge issues

Just a cute pic!


Sourire11 said...

those coats are so cute!!!

Fern said...

ooOOh!! ive been wanting to do both of those projects (swing thing and the cardigan from kitty) what yarn did you use for the cardigan? its just lovely!! and your daughter is such a sweetie!!

Fern said...

i just read the caption.. and see thay yarn type now.. oops :)

Angela M said...

I love that swing coat! And your daughter is so so cute!

nona said...

You've been busy! What fun to see what you made with the Colinette -- I'm sure the yarn is much happier than it was sitting in my plastic bin :-)