Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ugly Bugs

Ug. All over this one milkweed pod. None of the others. Anyone know what they are? I checked out a couple of beetle sites but didn't see any like this.

Fall is my favorite time to buy plants -- they're all on sale and you don't have to worry about the stressors of watering/heat as much. Here are some of my new babies from Heights Garden Center.


JCC in his normal down in the dirt position by my new smokebush, russian sage and asters.

JCC by the new red-twig dogwood.

Part of my side shade bed. I ripped out a big grass that wasn't getting enough sun and was all floppy and moved some plants out of my path. Didn't even know I had a path until I was looking down from the upstairs window and observed that I had planted something right in the middle of where I usually cut through to the main side bed.

We had JCC's party. It did rain but only 2/3 of the expected people showed. This was fine with me as I didn't have to hide in the basement. I still have beer leftover. Just a few left at this point.

I've been stuck in a funk for a couple weeks now -- hopefully ending soon. I'll have more fiber related pics then.


Laura said...

hi melinda! it was so nice to meet you yesterday! thanks for your comment on my blog ... i think that your lace leaf pullover will be beautiful. but definitely skip the magnolia sweater. i think the problem with mine was with the pattern.

Sourire11 said...

ok those bugs are disgusting! Your new plants are really pretty, though!